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  • Viggo Mortensen, Off-The-Grid Parent

    Viggo Mortensen, Off-The-Grid Parent

    A new film starring Viggo Mortensen as an off-the-grid parent dominates the weekend’s openings. However, there are other high-quality films not starring Viggo Mortensen that also deserve your attention this weekend. An autistic boy uses Disney animation to re-connect to the world. Three sisters welcome a teenage half-sister into their family in an acclaimed Japanese […]

  • The Flatulent Corpse Of Daniel Radcliffe

    The Flatulent Corpse Of Daniel Radcliffe

    Daniel Radcliffe co-stars in this weekend’s most polarizing opening. Is Swiss Army Man an exercise in juvenile humor? Or has Daniel Radcliffe stretched himself with another out-of-the-box performance? Viewers seeking something a little less outre can check out an adaptation of another John Le Carre thriller or a new bit of cinematic misanthropy from Todd […]

  • Colin Firth In The Literary Life

    Colin Firth In The Literary Life

    Colin Firth playing legendary book editor Maxwell Perkins anchors the most high profile of the weekend’s art film openings. But for those who don’t want to bask in the star power of Colin Firth, there are more tasty options. Mohsen Makhmalbaf tells a tale of a deposed dictator getting firsthand exposure to the misery he […]