A Welcome Mat Made Of Film Frames

Welcome to Art Film Bay Area, whatever reason brought you here.   The collapse of the San Francisco Bay Guardian left you without a central location for finding out about foreign and independent films screening in the S.F. Bay Area,  Watching La Dolce Vita or Blue Is The Warmest Color left you with a hunger to find more films from foreign countries.  Night Moves and Citizenfour made you want to seek out other films made outside the Hollywood studio system.

This blog will serve as a semi-curatorial resource for S.F. Bay Area art film viewers old and new.   Screenings of new films and festivals opening for the most current week will be mentioned as soon as possible.  However, telepathy and precognition are not among this blog writer’s tools.  If there’s a screening you know of that’s not mentioned in the blog, contact me.  On the other hand, if I have some familiarity with a film being screened, being shy with my thoughts and feelings about said film are not part of the agenda.

For those who are asking the “who am I” and “why do my opinions have some weight,” here are some simple answers.  I have reviewed films for several years for the Beyond Chron blog.  My movie-going encounters have gone beyond the latest Hollywood product to films from Thailand, Argentina, and France, among other countries.  The experience gained in these encounters have shaped some specific ideas regarding a film’s effectiveness.

Art Film Bay Area will give you the opportunity to find more options to shape your taste in films.  Please enjoy your cinematic trip.



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I'm a film reviewer for the Beyond Chron blog. Agnes Varda and Hirokazu Kore-eda are among my favorite filmmakers. I occasionally break down and watch a good action film...but don't tell anyone.

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