Special Screenings (1/14/15 On)

Frameline Encore: Limited Partnership

In 1971, Filipino American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan met and fell in love.  In 1975, they became one of the first legally married same-sex couples…and the first binational couple to be denied legal immigration status through marriage.  Thomas G. Miller’s documentary traces the story of the couple’s decades-long battle against America’s immigration system to legally reside in the U.S.

Screens January 15 at the Roxie Theater  

Jean Luc-Godard–Expect Everything From Cinema: Film Socialisme

Godard’s inquiry into the state of European civilization uses a cruise ship as a central vehicle for his musings.  The director’s targets range from the faux fun of cruise ship life to the stiltedness of the modern European family.  Incidentally, the cruise ship that served as Godard’s film setting happens to be the notorious Costa Concordia.

Screens January 16 at the Pacific Film Archive

New Anime!: Patema Inverted

Yasuhiro Toshiura’s film tells the story of Patema, a girl who lives in an underground world of ruins.  One day, her explorations lead to her accidentally fall into a void.  But instead of falling to her death, the girl “falls” into the sky of the surface world.  Eiji, a surface world student, discovers Patema and the two children learn to cope with the competing gravitational forces that separate them.  However, the government that rules Eiji’s world doesn’t want the duo to discover why these two worlds of different gravities exist.

Opens January 15 at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts 

The Phoenix Project

Director Tyler Pavey’s first feature film is a science fiction thriller about pushing at the barrier between life and death.  Four young scientists work on a machine that can literally reanimate dead organisms.  But as successes accumulate on the project, the scientists’ ulterior motives and personal recklessness lead to unexpected consequences.

Opens January 15 at the Roxie Theater

 This Man Must Die

The newest installment in the Mechanics Institute’s series of Claude Chabrol films is an adaptation of a Nicholas Blake novel.  Charles Thenier’s son is killed in a hit-and-run accident.  Thenier tracks down the driver and insinuates himself into his family as part of his revenge plot.   But as Thenier gets to know the driver’s family, matters become more complicated.

The trailer is unsubtitled

Screens January 16 at the Mechanics Institute

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