Naruto Boorman and Moore – 2/27/15

Sequel fans depending on their taste will check out either the last Naruto movie or John Boorman’s “10 years after Hope And Glory” film in this weekend’s openings. But the must-see film of the week is an acclaimed Israeli divorce drama. On the other hand, the new Cronenberg film starring Julianne Moore will either be highly uneven or your new favorite takedown of the entertainment industry.

A la mala

In this Mexican romantic comedy, aspiring actress Maria Laura (Aislinn Derbez) finds a new line of work as a boyfriend fidelity tester for hire. But what should be just another job regarding a new mark gets complicated when she starts falling in love with her client’s target.

Currently playing at the AMC Bay Street 16 , the Century 20 Daly City, the Century at Tanforan, and the Century San Francisco Centre 9

All The Wilderness

After James’ (Kody Smit Mc Phee) father disappears, the boy’s dark imaginings lead to a failed attempt at psychiatric intervention. James retaliates by running away from home and trying to live on the streets. Can an enigmatic kid help the troubled teen survive both street life and his own internal demons?

Opens February 27 at the Roxie Theater

Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem

In Israel, marriage is treated solely as a religious matter, with Orthodox rabbis having the power to approve and dissolve unions with a husband’s complete consent. Viviane (Ronit Elkabetz) has been trying to get out of her loveless marriage for three years but without her devout husband’s consent, the divorce (gett) can’t be finalized. Her estranged husband’s intransigence does not deter Viviane from fighting for her freedom.

Opens February 27 at the Embarcadero Center Cinemas, the Rafael Film Center, and the Shattuck Cinemas

Kung Fu Elliot

An aspiring Canadian action hero is the subject of this Slamdance 2014 award-winning documentary. Directors Matthew Bauckman and Jaret Belliveau follows Elliot “White Lightning” Scott as he attempts to establish his cinematic mayhem credentials by making a DIY low-budget karate actioner called Blood Fight. Scott may have ambition and drive, but his growing rationalizations start raising questions about his real motives in making this movie.

Opens February 27 at the 4-Star Theatre

The Last: Naruto The Movie

Two years after the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto and his ninja friends face yet another world-threatening crisis. The kidnapping of Hannabi Hyuga sparks the new crisis. During this threat, a relationship between Naruto and Hannabi’s older sister Hinata begins to blossom.

Screenings begin March 1 at the 4-Star Theatre

Maps To The Stars

David Cronenberg’s newest film offers an acerbic look at the people of Hollywood’s entertainment industry. Newest Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore as fading actress Havana Segrand, who hopes to re-ignite her career by feeding off her starlet mother’s ghost. She plans to star in a remake of the 1960s melodrama that made her mother famous. Meanwhile, talk shows become Havana’s stage for claiming her mother sexually abused her. Into Havana’s life comes Agatha (Mia Wasikowska), a star-struck girl who becomes Havana’s personal assistant. Yet Agatha has both secrets and signs of mental instability. Needless to say, an emotional train wreck is in the offing. John Waters called Cronenberg’s new film his favorite movie of 2014.

Opens February 27 at the Balboa Theater

Queen And Country

John Boorman’s semi-autobiographical film is a sequel to his earlier Hope And Glory. A decade after the events of the earlier film, Bill Rohan (the Boorman figure) gets drafted just as the Korean War breaks out. While worried about getting sent to the front lines of the fighting, Rohan and his buddies long for something more exciting than the day-to-day of military drudgery. That excitement comes for Rohan in the form of a beautiful blonde woman he spots at the cinema.

Screens beginning February 27 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas and the Shattuck Cinemas

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal

This Chinese historical fantasy is set during the Tang Dynasty, a time where deities, humans, and demons coexist. Once a millennium, demons can get a reincarnation upgrade to human or even celestial status. A group of demons jump the gun by attacking Hu City’s inhabitants and suck their souls. Anti-heroic demon slayer Zhong Kui gets sent to Hell and steals the Dark Crystal. The object contains both the stolen souls of the demons’ victims and a database on every demon in Hell. To recover the crystal, the Demon King sends a snow spirit to mesmerize Zhong to believe she’s his lost love.

Opens February 27 at the AMC Metreon 16 and the Century 20 Daly City

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