New Czech Film Weekend

Milos Forman and Dusan Makavejev are two of the most internationally familiar names from Czech film. Will any of the five Czech movies screening this weekend at the Roxie Theater herald the arrival of a new Czech film auteur? Come by and take a look.

Czech That Film Festival

The fourth edition of the Czech That Film Festival offers San Francisco audiences, and those in 17 other American cities, an opportunity to check out the best of new Czech film. The titles to be shown are:

To See The Sea—11-year-old Tomas decides to use his birthday gift, a camera, to secretly record his father and find out if he’s having an affair. But the truths he discovers about himself and the world around him might be more than the boy wanted.

Screens March 28 at the Roxie Theater

Clownwise—Thirty years ago, superstar professional clowns Oskar, Max, and Viktor got into a fight that wound up breaking up their act. Now, decades after that fight, the three men reunite for one last performance featuring the clowning that launched their careers. Can these physical comedians fight both the infirmities of age and illness just to make people laugh one more time?

Screens March 28 at the Roxie Theater


Jan Hrebejk adapts a play set in a distant pub during an Ice Hockey World Championship match. Take a bride kidnapped on her wedding day, lots of drinking, and a liberator’s no-show, and the stage is set for darkly comic chaos.

Screens March 29 at the Roxie Theater

Fair Play—Anna is a young talented sprinter living in 1980s Czechoslovakia who gets picked to train for a spot on the country’s national Olympic team. The trainers’ use of anabolic steroids to “help” the girl’s training performance creates an ethical dilemma. Anna’s mother sees the steroid use as ensuring her daughter can leave Czechoslovakia. The young runner fears the steroids’ effects on her body.

Screens March 29 at the Roxie Theater


Childhood friends Michal and Adam return to their hometown after a 20 year absence, only to find Michal’s father has died on the day of their reutrn. Combined with the unexplained death of Michal’s mother several years ago and the suspicious behavior of Michal’s stepmother, the two friends decide to investigate…and waltz into a disaster.

Screens March 30 at the Roxie Theater

Image from To See The Sea courtesy of Czech That Film Festival

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