What’s Playing At The Roxie?

July 4th proves a light weekend for art film movie premieres. For classic movie fans and even those who’ve seen The Third Man before, the new digital restoration will prove visually eye-popping. For those seeking new films to watch, the Roxie Theater is the place to go. The best choice would be the coming-of-age (and so much more) drama I Believe In Unicorns, which offer viewers a chance to see a pair of new talents.

Closer To God

In this modern update of the Frankenstein story, the Victor Frankenstein surrogate is geneticist Dr. Victor Reed, who’s delivered Elizabeth, the first official baby clone. As expected, the religious fundamentalists and the media make life hellish for Dr. Reed. But Dr. Reed’s bigger problem comes in the form of Ethan, an earlier defective cloned child who gets loose. However, the film plays down melodramatic thrills to favor discussion of the ethical issues raised by the film’s scenario.

Opens July 3 at the Roxie Theater

I Believe In Unicorns

Leah Meyerhoff’s debut feature is a coming-of-age tale that is both familiar and different. Davina (Natalie Dyer) is a teen dissatisfied with a life that seems limited to caring for her disabled but unresponsive mother. She sees an emotional escape in starting a relationship with older teen Sterling. Yet the budding couple’s desire for adulthood and the concomitant progress for a better life than the present collides with the reality that neither Davina nor Sterling are quite ready to handle the challenges of adulthood.

Opens July 3 at the Roxie Theater

In Stereo

Photographer David and aspiring actress Brenda are supposedly a dream couple. Yet as this independent romantic comedy follow these two Manhattanites over the course of a couple of years, their personal faults prevent them from generating even a spark of affection for each other. Or will love triumph in the long run?

Opens July 3 at the Roxie Theater

Just The Way You Are

In this Filipino romantic drama, a bet lost to his best friend forces Drake (Enrique Gil) to court the nerdy and unsuspecting Sophia (Liza Soberano) to make her fall in love with him in 30 days. After Sophia makes her declaration of love, Drake must tell her it was all a game. But what if Sophia is far more clever than either Drake or his best friend give her credit for?

Opens July 3 at the Century at Tanforan

The Third Man

Carol Reed’s classic noir thriller gets an amazing 4K digital restoration. In post-World War II Vienna, pulp Western novelist Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) is shocked to find that old friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles) has been killed in a car accident. Determined to learn the truth about Lime’s death, Martins searches for “the third man” who witnessed the accident. Famed novelist Graham Greene adapted the screenplay from his own story.

Opens July 3 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas and the Shattuck Cinemas

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