The Tribe Of Steve Jobs

Alex Gibney’s critical documentary portrait of late tech innovator Steve Jobs is this long weekend’s most high profile film opening. However, make time to catch an acclaimed tale of brutality set at a school for the deaf. Or for those seeking lighter fare, a comic drama about class barriers getting thrown into disarray would be a good alternate.

Dragon Blade

In Daniel Lee’s historical actioner, Jackie Chan plays Huo An, head of the Han Dynasty’s Silk Road Protection Squad. When the Squad gets framed for smuggling, it’s sentenced to hard labor at the distant desert outpost known as Wild Goose Gate. The former Squad members’ roles change from prisoners to defenders when the outpost gets besieged by a wandering Roman legion led by Lucius (John Cusack). But the two groups turn from adversaries to allies when evil consul Tiberius (Adrien Brody) shows up with his 100,000 man army. Note: This theatrical release has been trimmed by 23 minutes, and is not recommended for those unable to handle extreme violence.

Opens September 4 at the Presidio Theatre

Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos (The Rooster With Many Eggs)

Mexican animated series Huevo Cartoon makes the leap to US theatrical screens with this feature-length 3-D animated film. Toto is the smallest member of his family of chickens. But he needs to grow up fast into a scrappy fighting cock when an evil rancher plans to destroy both his home and his family.

Opens September 4 at the AMC Bay Street 16, the AMC Metreon 16, the Century 20 Daly City, and the Century at Tanforan

The Second Mother

The Berlin Film Festival Audience Award winner is a tale of the collision between family and class barriers. Val (Regina Case), a long-time live-in maid for an affluent Sao Paulo family, almost feels like part of her employers’ family. However, her closeness to her employers comes at the cost of not seeing her own daughter Jessica (Camila Mardila) for over ten years. This situation changes when Jessica stays with Val while she waits to be admitted to college. Val’s daughter throws the household’s class barriers into disarray by confidently behaving and acting like an equal, thereby forcing the household’s members to choose sides.

Opens September 4 at the Embarcadero Center Cinema and the Shattuck Cinemas

Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine

Famed Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney presents a critical biographical portrait of the legendary Apple Computers co-founder. On one hand, Steve Jobs was revered as the visionary who brought the world such technological wonders as the iPhone, the iPod, and the iMac. On the other hand, the people who worked with Steve Jobs have far too many tales of his tyrannical leadership style and objectionable personal behavior. Gibney’s film will hopefully bring a realistic assessment of Jobs’ legacy.

Opens September 4 at the California Theatre and the Embarcadero Center Cinema

The Tribe

The 2014 Cannes Film Festival multiple award-winner comes to S.F. for a one-week run. Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s feature debut concerns power struggles at a Ukrainian high school for the deaf. New student Sergey realizes surviving the boarding school means earning the protection of the school gang’s leader. He does survive the hazing process, and soon gets involved in the tribe’s robberies, briberies, and prostitution. But trouble soon comes for Sergey when he makes the mistake of falling in love with one of the gang’s escorts.

Opens September 4 at the Roxie Theatre

Welcome Back

In this sequel to the Bollywood hit Welcome, lovable reformed gangsters Uday and Majnu have become respectable businessmen. However, their peaceful lives soon become upended by such things as a pair of seductive con-women, a gangster who falls in love with Uday’s sister, and a semi-blind gangster don.

Opens September 4 at the Century San Francisco Centre 9

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