Have Yourself A Casablanca Christmas

Special screenings are understandably light this week. But if you’re tired of the umpteenth screening of a holiday special, why not check out the Humphrey Bogart classic Casablanca? Alternately, you could make your Christmas Day sexy with a screening of Prince’s Purple Rain. Have fun, whatever you catch.

Purple Rain

Instead of a White Christmas, have yourself a Purple Christmas with the screening of Prince’s first motion picture. The singer plays The Kid, whose rising star is complicated by domestic violence between his parents, a rival singer, and a budding romance. The film includes performances of the Prince classics Purple Rain and When Doves Cry.

Screens December 25 at the New Parkway Theater

Radio Days

Woody Allen directs and narrates this nostalgic look at growing up in 1940s Queens. The film mixes family anecdotes with tales about radio performers from the Golden Age of Radio. Beloved film critic Roger Ebert likened the film to the Federico Fellini classic Amarcord.

Shown December 28 on a double bill with “The Godfather Part II” (No, really) at the Castro Theatre

We’ll Always Have Paris

I Wake Up Dreaming and the Alliance Francaise present a double bill of two cinema classics displaying international influences. From America comes a film with a heavy pro-France slant. It’s the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman wartime romance classic Casablanca. If you haven’t seen the film that has such classic quotes as “We’ll always have Paris” and “Round up the usual suspects,” what are you waiting for? From France comes a film heavily indebted to American film noir. Jean-Pierre Melville’s Bob the Gambler, set on the night streets of Paris and Deauville, has been called the film that launched the Nouvelle Vague. The story’s about a hard luck gambler who gets together a gang for an odds-against knock off of a Deauville casino. But the mood is what sells the picture.

Screens December 25 at the Roxie Theatre

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