The Life Story Of Ingrid Bergman

A new documentary telling the life story of famed actress Ingrid Bergman would be a cinephile’s pick of the weekend openings. Ingrid Bergman, after all, gave incredible performances in a number of iconic films, and her personal story complemented the power of her film work.

Otherwise, a wry comedy about two Icelandic sheep-herding brothers facing personal ruin would be your second-best bet. After that, Michael Moore’s optimistic documentary won’t convert hardline conservatives, but maybe someone conservative and open-minded may get more mileage.

Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong

Ruby (Jamie Chung) is a Chinese-American toy designer visiting Hong Kong for the first time on business. Things go bad when she accidentally gets stranded. Fortunately, American expatriate Josh (Bryan Greenberg) meets Ruby and takes her on a night-time tour of the Hong Kong streets. Along the way, the duo carries on a meandering conversation, and hints of a romantic attraction emerge.

Opens February 12 at the 4-Star Theatre and the Vogue Theatre

Everything About Her

Successful businesswoman Vivian (Vilma Santos) learns she has Stage 3 breast cancer. She hires private nurse Jaica (Angel Locsin) to care for her. But Jaica becomes more than a caregiver when her presence offers a way for Vivian to reconnect with her long-neglected son Albert (Xian Lim).

Opens February 12 at the Century at Tanforan


This Indian film directed by Abhishek Kapoor is inspired by the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. Kashmiri teenager Noor falls in love with the beautful heartbreaker Firdaus, the daughter of the wealthy Begum. As years pass, Noor eventually leaves his hometown for Delhi, where he hopes to make his mark as an artist. His ultimate hope is to gain acceptance in Firdaus’ social circles and even to win Firdaus’ love. But the Begum has plans to undermine their relationship.

Opens February 12 at the Century 12 San Mateo and the Century San Francisco Centre 9

From Vegas To Macau III

Wedding bells are ringing in Ken’s (Chow Yun Fat) household. His daughter Rainbow is marrying his protege Vincent at a Macau resort hotel. Among the guests is Ken’s close friend Mark (Nick Cheung), who gets a call from his buddy Michael Chan (Andy Lau). Michael warns that someone’s out to kill Ken. And so the newest installment in this Wong Jing tale (co-directed by Andrew Lau) starts heating up.

Opens February 11 at the AMC Metreon 16

Ingrid Bergman — In Her Own Words

If you’re familiar with Hollywood’s Golden Age, then you’ve heard of Ingrid Bergman. The actress essayed amazing performances in films ranging from Casablanca to Anastasia. Now with the help of private letters, interviews with Bergman’s children (including actress Isabella Rossellini), and personal film footage, director Stig Bjorkman tells the life story of one of the world’s greatest actresses. Alicia Vikander provides some voiceovers, while Michael Nyman composed the film score.

Opens February 12 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas and the Shattuck Cinemas

Nina Forever

Holly is a paramedic trainee who falls in love with Rob, who’s still angry and hurt over the death of previous girlfriend Nina. The first time Holly and Rob go to bed together, the paramedic-to-be gets a firsthand glimpse of the depths of Rob’s pain. The bloody, broken-limbed, and very angry ghost of Nina has started sharing their bed and doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. Rather than freaking out, Holly is determined to help heal Rob’s emotional wounds.

Opens February 12 at the 4-Star Theatre


In a secluded Icelandic valley, sheepherding brothers Gummi and Kiddi raise their flocks of prize-winning rams and live side-by-side. However, the brothers have not spoken to each other for four decades. But when a lethal disease infects Kiddi’s sheep, the authorities’ answer to contain the outbreak is to cull the sheep. Other farmers who depend on the sheep for survival abandon the land. But the two brothers are determined to inventively find ways to save both themselves and their special sheep from destruction.

Opens February 12 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas


This horror film anthology features tales linked by a lonely stretch of desert highway. The motives of the characters in each story, ranging from two men escaping their past to a band heading to its next gig, may be different. But all of them will face their worst fears and darkest secrets on this cursed road.

Opens February 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Where To Invade Next

American society is heading into the toilet. Does the US need to rely on a racist demagogue with bad hair to become great again? No! Michael Moore’s new documentary offers a world tour of countries which have already found answers to America’s existing ills. Our country’s challenge, Moore’s film argues, is to co-opt these great foreign ideas and use them to improve life in America. Come see what those ideas are!

Opens February 11 at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas. Opens February 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse, the AMC Metreon 16, the California Theatre, the Cinearts at the Empire, the Cinearts Sequoia, and the Piedmont Theatre

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