Happy Birthday, Harvey Milk!

The coming week in special screenings include a retrospective of Pedro Almodovar’s early work and an ongoing series of Mexican noir films. But the week’s highlight will be a celebratory birthday screening of an Academy Award-winning classic biography of Harvey Milk. Learn why Harvey Milk is considered an icon in the LGBT community.

Cracking The Codes: System Of Racial Inequity

Shakti Butler’s new documentary offers a jumping off point for discussing the causes and consequences of systemic racial inequality. The film features anecdotes from such racial justice leaders as Joy DeGruy, Ericka Huggins, and Rinku Sen.

Screens May 24 at the New Parkway Theater

Early Almodovar

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has made a 30-year film career out of using melodrama, suspense, and black humor to challenge society’s accepted understanding of gender, class, and sexuality. For the next week, the Roxie theater offers a series of Almodovar’s early films. These include his international breakout hit Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, his first gay film Law Of Desire, and his carnally provocative Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!. Revisit some old favorites or discover some Almodovar films you haven’t seen.

Screens May 20 to May 26 at the Roxie Theatre

Emperor Of The North

This late career action film directed by Robert Aldrich pits a tramp against a sadistic railroad employee in Depression-Era America. A-Number 1 (Lee Marvin) is a quick-witted hobo who’s travelled around America by stealing rides on trains. Shack (Ernest Borgnine) is the railroad employee who will use any means necessary to stop hobos from bumming rides on his train. These two polar opposites meet in battle when A-Number 1 decides to ride Shack’s train all the way to Portland and claim the title among hobos of Emperor of the North.

Screens May 23 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

The Goalie’s Anxiety At The Penalty Kick

Wim Wenders’ debut film tells the story of ex-soccer goalie Josef Bloch’s travels through West Germany’s wastelands. Kicked out of a game, the jaded soccer player wanders through the country’s crap bars and isolated villages. Along this desolate path, he encounters American rock music, alcohol, a woman, and more than a little violence.

Screens May 25 at the Pacific Film Archive

May God Forgive Me

In this film from the PFA’s Mexico Noir series, Mexican glamour queen plays a refugee hiding (or scheming) in World War II-era Mexico City. What is she up to in this city filled with spies, nightclub performers, and con artists looking for an escape route from this town?

Screens May 22 at the Pacific Film Archive

The Times Of Harvey Milk

Come celebrate the 86th birthday of Harvey Milk with a screening of the Academy Award-winning portrait of the murdered San Francisco supervisor. The film catches Harvey Milk in moments both light-hearted (solving S.F.’s dog poo problem) and serious (fighting an initiative that would have prevented gays and lesbians from being teachers). There will also be a VIP reception and free admission for ticket-holders to the LGBT History Museum nearby. This program is presented by the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club.

Screens May 22 at the Castro Theatre

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