Catching Other Films From Thor Personnel

In this installment of art and indie film catch-up, the highlights feature a couple of people connected with the Thor movies. Otherwise, interested viewers can still catch the future First Couple’s first date or the Korean zombie apocalypse.

Hell Or High Water

In this modern Western, a pair of brothers try to save their family farm by robbing branches of the bank that’s foreclosing on their land. However, their scheme comes to the attention of a retiring Texas ranger who wants one last big arrest.

Still at the AMC Bay Street 16 (Emeryville), the AMC Metreon 16 (SF), the AMC Van Ness 14 (SF), the Aquarius Theatre (Palo Alto), the California Theatre (Berkeley), the Century 20 Daly City, the Century at Tanforan (San Bruno), the Century Regency (San Rafael), the Cinearts at the Empire (SF), the Cinearts Sequoia (Mill Valley), the Piedmont Theatre (Oakland), the Presidio Theatre (SF), the Rafael Film Center (San Rafael), and the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas (SF)

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Taiki Waititi’s (director for Thor – Ragnarok) titular people are a hip-hop loving foster kid and a very crusty old man. The duo become national fugitives after a tragedy threatens to send the kid to another foster home. The kid and the old man may be fugitives together, but can they become a family?

Still at the 4-Star Theatre (SF) and the Shattuck Cinemas (Berkeley)

In Order Of Disappearance

Ordinary rural snowplow driver Nils Dickman (Stellan Skarsgaard aka Dr. Selvig in the Thor films and other Marvel movies) is a model citizen. But learning his son was murdered turns Dickman into a semi-competent avenging angel. The snowplow driver’s efforts will spark a local gang war between The Count and the Serbian gangster Papa. Both bloodshed and dark humor will be found in equal measure.

Still at the Opera Plaza Cinemas (SF)


This highly praised Guatemalan film concerns a Mayan girl who lives with her coffee picking family on the side of a volcano. She desires a life outside the coffee plantation. But misfortunes beginning with a lover’s abandonment threaten her dreams.

Now at the 4-Star Theatre (SF), the Opera Plaza Cinemas (SF), and the Shattuck Cinemas (Berkeley)

Southside With You

This romance/political biography tells the story of what loosely happened on the first date of Barack Obama and Michelle Alexander. Whether it’s eating ice cream or watching the Spike Lee classic Do The Right Thing, an attraction slowly grows between the future First Parents.

Still at the AMC Bay Street 16 (Emeryville), the Century 20 Daly City, the Century at Tanforan (San Bruno), the Grand Lake Theatre (Oakland), and the Presidio Theatre (SF)

Train To Busan

A divorced workaholic hedge fund manager accompanies his daughter on a trip to Busan. But domestic drama soon takes a backseat to a massive nationwide zombie outbreak. Can the duo and other train passengers make it to apparent safety in Busan? Or will they become zombie kibble?

Still at the 4-Star Theatre (SF) and the Rialto Cinemas Elmwood (Berkeley)

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