How Iggy Pop And The Stooges Changed Rock

Iggy Pop raucously livens the movie-going weekend courtesy of a film from Jim Jarmusch about The Stooges. There are lots of music clips and, yes, plenty of pictures of a shirtless Iggy Pop.

But if following the antics of Iggy Pop is not your thing, you could always take a dip into the world of gay pornography with Christian Slater and James Franco. Alternately, an animated documentary re-telling the events of the Texas Tower sniper shootings manages to be both suspenseful and a tribute to the best in humanity.

For those who can’t get the elections off their minds, this site suggests listening to Pedro Almodovar and Ava du Vernay among others and vote Clinton.

Gimme Danger

Legendary director Jim Jarmusch delivers a documentary portrait of seminal rock band The Stooges. The band’s music drew from such influences as R&B and free jazz. Their work would eventually inspire both punk rock and alternative rock. Jarmusch’s film tells the story of The Stooges and their lead singer Iggy Pop, from their initial commercial challenges to their eventual ascension into the rock pantheon. It’s a messy, funny, chaotic, and insightful tale, just the way Iggy would want it.

Opens November 4 at the Embarcadero Center Cinema and the Shattuck Cinemas

King Cobra

Justin Kelly’s film is based on a strange-but-true story from the porn industry. In 2006, closeted gay Stephen (Christian Slater) runs his Cobra Video porn empire from his ordinary suburban home. He decides to mold up-and-comer Brent Corrigan into a star. Corrigan does become a star, but his success spurs his greed. Meanwhile, a rival porn producer (James Franco) wants to steal Corrigan and squash Cobra Video.

Opens November 4 at the Rialto Cinemas Elmwood and the Roxie Theater

Made In France

Franco-Algerian journalist Sam decides to go undercover in a French jihadist extremist cell. He hopes to understand the roots of the domestic jihadist phenomenon and write a book about his experiences. The terrorist cell Sam joins is run by the psychotic Hassan, who claims he’s been given an important mission by al Qaeda. Will the reporter live to complete his personal assignment?

Opens November 4 at the 4-Star Theatre

Shangri-La Suite

In 1974, Jack Blueblood and girlfriend Karen Bird break out of a rehab hospital. Blueblood wants to fulfill his dream of killing Elvis Presley (Ron Livingston). The duo embark on a blood-spattered cross-country trip to fulfill this fatal goal.

Opens November 4 at the 4-Star Theatre


On August 1, 1966, a gunman took a high-powered rifle to the observation deck of the University of Texas Tower and began shooting at the unsuspecting people below. Keith Maitland’s amazing rotoscope animation documentary tells the story of what happened next from the perspectives of (among others) shooting victims, a news reporter providing live coverage, and the cops who appeared on the scene. It’s a gripping and sobering look back at the very first mass public shooting. Winner of SXSW’s 2016’s Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for Best Documentary.

Opens November 4 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and the Shattuck Cinemas

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