Loving The Marriage That Changed America

The Loving case provides the weekend’s high-profile opening on the art film scene. Jeff Nichols’ acclaimed film tells the story of how the fight for an interracial marriage eventually changed America’s social mores.

If world-changing interracial love isn’t your thing, there’s always an award-winning documentary about Kazakh girl power or an award-winning fantasy involving a trip up the Yangtze River.

Finally, folks who need a little horror to cope with the foulness of Tuesday’s elections have their choice of either sexy horror set in a small California town or political horror set in a Mexican bus station.

Whatever you end up seeing, remember to take care of yourself.


This 66th Berlin International Film Festival winner mixes fantasy, poetry, and mystery. Gao Chun steers his cargo-laden ship from the Shanghai metropolis to the mountains of Tibet by going up the Yangtze River. During his stopovers, he meets the beautiful An Lu and becomes intrigued by the mysteries she’s connected with. Why does she appear in a different identity at every one of his stopovers? What’s causing this woman to grow younger with each port Gao stops at? What’s the connection between An Lu and the book of poetry Gao is reading? The answers to these questions will take Gao past a reappearing flooded town among other wonders to the source of the Yangtze.

Opens November 11 at the 4-Star Theatre

The Eagle Huntress

Aisholpan is a 13-year-old Kazakh girl who lives near the Mongolian steppes. Director Otto Bell follows this pre-teen as she undergoes rigorous training. Her goal is to continue her family’s centuries-long line of eagle hunters by joining this male profession. Narrated by Daisy Ridley.

Opens November 11 at the Aquarius Theatre, the Clay Theatre, the Rafael Film Center, and the Shattuck Cinemas

The Love Witch

Director Anna Biller (Viva) pays homage to 1960s sexy horror films. Beautiful and sexy Elaine (Samantha Robinson) moves into a Gothic Victorian apartment in a small California town. To the locals, she appears to be a recent widow seeking the man of her dreams. What Samantha leaves out is that she’s a witch whose love compulsion spells leave a lot of human carnage. The witch’s ideal man does finally appear, but he’s the cop investigating Samantha’s crimes.

Opens November 11 at the Opera Plaza Cinemas and the Shattuck Cinemas


Director Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special, Take Shelter) dramatizes the true story of interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga). The Lovings simply wished to marry and live in their hometown. However, they lived in a state which made their interracial union illegal. Their arrest forced the Lovings to wage a nine-year legal struggle leading all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Opens November 11 at the Embarcadero Center Cinemas

The Similars

Now you’ve got another chance to see Isaac Ezban’s acclaimed Twilight Zone-influenced thriller! On the spectacularly rainy night of October 2, 1968, eight different people are trapped in a Mexican bus station. They’re awaiting a bus heading to Mexico City. (Readers familiar with Mexican history will know the date’s significance.) Seemingly unending rain and crawling hours soon set these passengers on edge. Is the octet’s virtual imprisonment a natural occurrence? Or are far more sinister forces at work?

Opens November 11 at the Roxie Theatre

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