Isabelle Huppert Gets A Fresh Start On Life

Famed French actress Isabelle Huppert delivered two indelible cinematic performances this year. Viewers have already seen Isabelle Huppert play a rape non-victim in Elle. Now, in the new Mia Hansen-Love drama, she’s a philosophy professor whose collapsed life becomes an opportunity for spiritual rebirth.

Also worthy of your time this week is a documentary about an Asperger’s syndrome’s sufferer’s obsession with public transit. What happens as a result of his obsession delivers a tragic indictment of the criminal justice system.


In this Bollywood epic based on a true story, Bollywood legend Aamir Khan plays a former wrestler whose dreams live on in an unexpected way. Mahavir Singh Phogat (Khan) is a wrestler who dreams of becoming an international wrestling champion. When Phogat is forced to abandon his dream, he hopes for a son to continue his dream. However, all four of Phogat’s children are daughters. But it turns out daughters Geeta and Babita have a talent for wrestling. Phogat takes it on himself to train his daughters in the sport despite fellow villagers’ disapproval and societal sexism.

Now at the Century 20 Daly City

Off The Rails

Darius Mc Collum is a New York City legend for the wrong reasons. For over three decades, he has commandeered and driven NYC buses and subway trains. However, Mc Collum’s never damaged any transit property, never injured a passenger and kept to the schedule. But as far as the criminal justice system is concerned, he’s a repeat offender. Director Adam Irving recounts Mc Collum’s unusual story.

Now at the Roxie Theatre

Things To Come

Director Mia Hansen-Love (Goodbye, First Love) directs the amazing Isabelle Huppert (Elle) in this tale of a life being rebuilt. Nathalie (Huppert) is a philosophy professor who seems to have both a satisfying career and family life. But her life starts collapsing after her husband announces he’s divorcing her after 25 years of marriage. Soon, what Nathalie could once count on in life is gone. Now she’s adrift, but decides to use this opportunity to re-define and re-discover herself. Hansen-Love took a Best Director award for this film at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival.

Now at the Clay Theatre and the Smith Rafael Film Center

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