Introverted Denzel Washington Fights The Good Fight

Unsurprisingly, this Thanksgiving weekend is light on the new art film releases. But Denzel Washington shines in a drama about an introverted lawyer who finds his activist ideals clashing with having a thriving law career.

Readers who want to pass on seeing the new Denzel Washington film can always catch up on the highly praised Jane or Faces Places at the Roxie.

The Divine Order

Nora lives in a conservative Swiss town in 1971. Here. most of the women have been cowed into keeping their opinions to themselves. Nora begins rebelling against the status quo thanks to a confluence of incidents including a national referendum to allow women to vote in federal elections plus the authorities’ harsh treatment of her niece. This rebel is soon joined by a feisty widow and an Italian restaurant owner. Together, they build a movement powerful enough to strike and bring the town to a halt.

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When a mine blast goes wrong, four men wind up dead. Blast technician Zhou Yu-dong is given hush money and banned from the mine premises. The blast technician soon becomes determined to find out what really happened. But as the body count rises, both the cops and a ruthless killer want to shut Zhou down. Does Zhou’s willingness to evade capture by injuring innocents suggest justice matters less than personal survival?

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The Man Who Invented Christmas

It’s 1843 and writer Charles Dickens is in trouble. His last few books have been commercial flops. His money’s running out, a fifth child is on the way, and the Italian interior decorators need to be paid. Dickens decides to dash off and self-publish a novella about Christmas. Yet the pressure to produce a salable work is not helped by Dickens’ imagining his characters coming to life and displaying attitude problems, particularly Scrooge (Christopher Plummer).

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Roman J. Israel, Esq.

The sudden death of his partner pushes behind-the-scenes legal genius Roman J. Israel (Denzel Washington) into the world of court appearances and deal-making.
Unfortunately, Israel’s social ineptness leads to the end of his old firm and his desperate search for a new job. Taking a job with George Pierce’s (Colin Farrell) high-end legal mill may handle Israel’s career problems. But will the price be the ability to do good work?

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