Daniel Day-Lewis Plays An Artistic Control Freak

Daniel Day-Lewis in possibly his final screen role sucks the air out of the weekend’s openings. Paul Thomas Anderson reunites with Daniel Day-Lewis to tell a highly acclaimed story of creation and “true love.”

For those wanting to pass on the Daniel Day-Lewis rush, the Roxie offers two intriguing alternatives. One is an animated film about funny animals in a post-apocalyptic Hell. The other is a documentary about official denial and silence regarding the Armenian Genocide.

Otherwise, for those not wanting to see cinematic misfires, Paddington 2 has received many cinematic props.

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

Alberto Vazquez adapts his post-Apocalyptic comic for the cinema screen. An industrial accident has turned the world into a semi-dystopian wasteland. Dinky, a mouse, wants to escape her religious fanatic parents. She runs away with a rabbit, a fox, and her estranged friend Birdboy to find a new place to live. However, they soon face such dangers as their literal internal demons and a waste site ruled by a rat king and his child cult.

Now at the Roxie Theatre

Condorito: The Movie

This week’s other comic book adaptation is this CGI animated film based on Pepo’s popular comic. Condorito is an anthropomorphic soccer-playing condor who lives in Cumpeo City, Chile. Among his friends and acquaintances are his dog Washington and his human girlfriend Yayita. When space aliens kidnap Condorito’s mother-in-law Dona Tremebunda, Condorito must embark on a suicide mission to save the Earth…oh yes, and his mother-in-law too. But while our hero’s off on his space adventure, Condorito’s arrogant rival Pepe Cortisona plans to make Yayita his girlfriend.

Now at the Century 20 Daly City and the Century at Tanforan

Happy End

13-year-old social media-obsessed sociopath Eve moves in with her father after her drugging of her mother sends the parent to the hospital. The rich Laurent clan have problems ranging from an accident at one of their construction sites to a black sheep son who acts up in big ways. But Eve focuses on old Georges, who’s unhappy and wants to end his life. Eve plans to help him.

Now at the Opera Plaza Cinemas

Intent To Destroy

Joe Berlinger’s new documentary unearths the deliberately suppressed and forgotten history of the Armenian genocide. The film follows the making of Terry George’s (Hotel Rwanda) Armenian genocide drama The Promise. But Berlinger also shows how the international community has never held Turkey accountable for the Ottoman Empire’s systematic extermination of the Armenians. That decades-old genocide would pave the way for the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

Now at the Roxie Theatre

In The Fade

Katja (Diane Kruger) tries to keep herself together after Kurdish husband Nuri and son Rocco are killed in a bombing. The perpetrators turn out to be a young couple who are neo-Nazi sympathizers. But when the couple escape judicial punishment, Katja decides to exact her own form of justice. Fatih Akin directs this contemporary thriller.

Now at the Embarcadero Center Cinemas and the Shattuck Cinemas

Ang Larawan (The Portrait)

Unmarried sisters Candida and Paula Marasigan live with their famous painter father Don Lorenzo Marasigan. Financial troubles plague the household because Don Lorenzo has not produced a painting in a very long time. Boarder Tony Javier provides some rental money, but it’s not enough. Could the answer to the Marasigans’ financial woes be found in the interest many people take in Don Lorenzo’s self-portrait?

Now at the AMC Dine-In Kabuki 8 and the Century at Tanforan

Ang Panday

Philippine film star Coco Martin makes his directorial debut with this fantasy adventure. Martin plays Flavio, the grandson of the original panday (blacksmith). The grandson’s ignored his heritage to live life as a fearless street thug. But when the demonic Lizardo starts spreading demonic darkness throughout Tondo’s streets, Flavio’s forced to assume his destiny before it’s too late.

Now at the Century at Tanforan

Phantom Thread

Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood) directs Daniel Day-Lewis in what may be the latter’s final movie. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a successful women’s clothes designer in 1950s London. Woodcock’s problems come from being both a control freak regarding his creative space and a believer in true love. Clumsy waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps) becomes Woodcock’s newest model, muse, and lover. But Alma’s psychopathic need to be recognized will lead to great trouble.

Now at the Alamo Drafthouse and the Century San Francisco Centre 9

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