Oscars Countdown Bites Into Weekend Releases

The countdown to the 2018 Oscars has begun with the announcement of the nominees. In the theaters, exhibitors are taking advantage of the frenzy by squeezing in screenings of the big nominees for the Oscars.

So the new premieres of the week aren’t anything to write home about. There’s an award-winning Italian tale of conjoined twin sisters seeking their freedom and a tale of love and survival in Antarctica.


Twin sisters Viola and Daisy have been conjoined at the hip since birth. As they approach age 18, they learn from a doctor that they can be separated and survive. The news causes tension between the sisters as Daisy wants the surgery but Viola does not. But their other problem comes from the men who exploit them or want to find ways of doing so. They range from father Peppe, who’s turned them into a singing act, to wealthy Marco Ferrari, whose promise to make the sisters international stars is belied by his fetish for their handicap. The sisters decide to run away from their exploiters and determine their own future. Winner of half a dozen David di Donatello Awards (aka the Italian Oscars).

Opens February 5 at the Smith Rafael Film Center

Till The End of the World

Wu Youyin adapts his novel of survival for the big screen. Chinese heartthrob Mark Zhao plays an arrogant millionaire. Yang Zishan plays a self-sufficient female scientist. The duo are on a plane trip in the Antarctic together when their flight crashes. They’re the only survivors stranded in a cold and icy wilderness. As they seek help somewhere, they must make some hard choices to survive a snow storm that will last 75 days. But falling in love with each other is not something either one expected.

Now at the 4-Star Theatre and the AMC Metreon 16

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